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Wedding Lightroom Presets

Moody vibes & Perfect skin tones

Ready to take the plunge and invest in your own signature colors? Join our tribe of photographers whose work has been revolutionized.

The presets you see in our shop are the end result of years of experimenting and improving. To make them the absolute most versatile and heartfelt colors available. Because we believe that photography is a never-ending adventure for the creative soul.

Magical would be my way of putting it. Transformed my portfolio.

Lauren S (Queenstown, NZ)

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Wedding Lightroom Presets + ACR Presets

Est. 2017

Since our modest beginning, our Wedding Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets have been purchased in 72 countries and 49 out of 50 states of America.

Overwhelmed with grateful feedback from fellow photographers, we continued to innovate and push the boundaries of workflow efficiency via the release of our Wedding Photographer Guides and Mobile Lightroom Presets.

Thanks Andrew, your presets are the best I’ve ever used and I can’t imagine going back.

Olivia P (Louisiana, USA)

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