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Andrew Sun Color Creator
Yo, I’m Andrew and I’ve been a full-time wedding photographer on Australia’s east coast for 10+ years.


During my career, I’ve shot over 300 weddings and now dedicate my focus to my photography Blog & Education.

My images are featured on almost every major wedding inspiration blog in the world. However, it doesn't mean anything.

Photography is not about accolades. It's how much pride and care you put into your own work to feel content. That's what matters.

I want to give wedding photographers worldwide, access to premium Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets that are both superb in quality of look and adaptable enough to be used on entire client collections, not just one or two images.

Personal LOL & WTF Moments

These experiences all contributed to who I am today. Enjoy the read!

Andrew Sun Color Creator
These days I help photographers around the world in continuing to make the world a little prettier through photos.


My Presets are great tools to empower that mission.