Shoot & Edit

It’s my hope that with the following knowledge, you’ll be empowered to maximize the potential of your Presets and bring out the best in your images.

Shooting Tips

It all starts with capturing a photo. Below I cover what is Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. Understanding these 3 critical variables will help you unlock a lot of clarity and shoot way better images as well as have way more fun. Photography mimics how our own eyes work.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is how quickly your camera blinks. That's right, blinking. Just like a human eye. Try blinking really quickly or slowly and that is exactly what your camera is doing when we all refer to Shutter speed.


REMEMBER ➜ A fast shutter speed means less light and less motion blur. A slow shutter speed means more light and more motion blur.


Aperture (also known as the F-Stop) refers to how big an opening your current lens is set to, and this either allows more or less light in, just like how your pupil expands and contracts during the day and night. Aperture is limited by the lens you have mounted.


REMEMBER ➜ A bigger opening for the aperture means more light and more background blur, a smaller opening for the aperture means less light and less background blur.


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