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How To Dress As A Wedding Photographer

You won’t believe the number of times I’ve heard photographers say:

“It doesn’t matter what I wear… I’m behind the camera.”

Like for real, are you kidding?

If even a 3-year-old nephew of the groom can scrub up in some trendy attire for the sake of a wedding, don’t you think that you as a professional should do even better? It’s not like you’re invisible… although you probably should be if that’s going to be your attitude…

But anyway, I digress. I’m here for those who are stuck on ideas in regard to picking out an appropriate outfit as a wedding photographer. Because honestly, it’s more important than you might think.

First off, I’m aware of the many articles out there that emphasize things like modesty, and not standing out too much etc. and I must say that I respectfully disagree. The reason being that a photographer needs to be easily identified by the couple on the day among a sea of guests, and not look like a waiter ๐Ÿ˜‚. So whilst I don’t recommend a hot pink jumpsuit, I also wouldn’t recommend wearing generic black. It’s a wedding, not a funeral.

Secondly, and maybe this is just because I’m very lucky, in that most weddings I get to shoot are beautiful, outdoor, boho affairs. Either that, or an adventurous elopement; but sporting a hat is something I do often, as it can provide valuable cover from the sun and rain alike. A sturdy pair of comfortable walking shoes is also paramount, particularly if there’s a mini hike planned in your shoot.

Thirdly, the aesthetics. While there are no hard and fast rules about the specific clothing type one should wear, I will say that it should allow ease of movement, not appear too formal or stiff, and convey something about your personality as an artist. Which means an ugly-looking polo shirt with your company name on the front pocket is a bad idea. Nothing says run-of-the-mill and unremarkable as much as a uniformed worker โ€“ even if you are your own boss. The only branding I display, therefore, is a subtle logo on my custom-made leather straps. Because if anything, looking unique, is way more engaging; and my years of success can attest to this. This is also the reason I make sure to ask my couples what theme their wedding will be when I book them, so I can plan ahead by piecing together a fitting ensemble for their day.

In conclusion, go with what’s comfy, stylish, and unmistakably you. And ignore dated advice from traditionalists who say we’re unorthodox for being different. As far as I’m concerned, I’m exactly what my couples are looking for ๐Ÿ˜‰

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