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How To Get Featured On Notable Wedding Blogs

As a photographer, one should always be aiming to improve. That’s why quality wedding inspiration blogs are not bad places to start testing your work against some of the best in the world. But with so many submissions flooding into the inboxes of these limited feature spaces, what are some things you can do to really help your submission stand out?

#1 – Read the guidelines

Most wedding blogs have a specific page where they detail the kind of things they are looking for in a good submission. So take note of these before shooting your next wedding if you are planning to submit it for consideration. Common elements that almost all blogs find desirable include: a good mixture of ornamentals (i.e. wedding arbors, flowers, boutonnieres, cakes, stationery, tablescapes etc.) and some nice portraits of the couple and bridal party.

#2 – Be deliberate with your style

The best blogs feature not only a variety of shoots (i.e. weddings, engagements, elopements, style shoots etc.), they also have a propensity to showcase a diverse range of photography. From vivid creations to grainy film, as long as you are not afraid to hold true to your unique flair, you have a chance to be selected by the right eyes.

#3 – Persist

Despite the cliché nature of this final piece of advice, it is important to embrace it if you wish to be a successful photographer. In short, don’t give up after a few rejections. There are plenty of blogs in the world that are hungry for good content; and your shoot, if produced beautifully, will definitely fit into one of these exclusive niches. We’ve had this experience over and over again – where one blog might decline a submission, only for it then to be picked up by an even bigger blog. So, our mantra is to keep at it ~ because your breakthrough could literally be just around the corner.

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