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How To Rise Above The Competition As A Photographer

Seriously, it seems everyone’s a photographer these days. From your friends, to your random aunts and uncles… the sight of DSLRs are everywhere! So how in the world, do you rise above it all โ€“ true professionals and novice shooters alike, and carve out your own path in such a saturated market?

Advice #1: Stop worrying about the others

The sooner you cease to be focused on what others are doing, and start concentrating on improving your skills, the closer you are to making it as an industry professional with your own unique niche. You see, every photographer has their own style. So rather than just be a lesser duplicator of someone else’s taste, create a flair that belongs to you, and you’ll find that clients who gravitate towards ‘your style’ will begin enquiring for and seeking you out.

Advice #2: Don’t be afraid of admitting inferiority

Especially if you’re a beginner, there is nothing wrong with healthily acknowledging the fact, that your capability is not at the standard of the elites. Don’t let pride or your over-encouraging friends / family get in the way of your improvement. Because ultimately, that’s the only way you will ever reach where you want to be.

Advice #3: Understand that other photographers are not your friend

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, other photographers in your locale are in direct competition with you! This means that any couple who decides to book them and not you, translates to one less job for you from the limited pool of weddings taking place that year. So stop pretending that ‘networking’ with other photographers of the same kind in the same area is a helpful idea. Don’t pester them with questions, and vice versa, don’t share anything with them โ€“ not your scenic shooting spots, not your awesome lighting tips. Nothing. Those are YOUR trade secrets and could be the difference between someone choosing you over them. By no means are we suggesting that you should be rude / nasty to them if you see them! We’re simply saying you should hold your cards a little closer to your chest โ€“ much like magicians do when they encounter each other. They can still be friends, but are certainly not obliged to reveal the inner workings of their grand illusions to one another.

Hope that makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

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