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Since our modest beginning in 2017, our Wedding Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets have been purchased in 61 countries, 48 out of 50 states of America, and given us some incredible feedback from valued photographers all over the world:

“Hey Andrew, Just wanted to say a quick thank you. Your presets are the best I’ve ever used and I can’t imagine going back.” – Olivia P (Louisiana, USA)

“Amazing presets that actually work in tons of different lighting conditions. Cheers.” – Michael G (East Sussex, UK)

“Magical would be my way of putting it. Transformed my portfolio.” – Lauren S (Queenstown, NZ)

“Bought it, used it, loved it. Thanks Andrew.” – Johanna F (Hamburg, Germany)

This is something we never expected, and for which, we are extremely grateful. It’s also the reason we have continued to innovate and push the boundaries of editing excellence via the release of 4 new Mobile Lightroom Presets as well as 3 Wedding Photographer Series Guides in 2019.

So whether you’ve landed here to check out my work, research my presets, or be re-inspired on the wedding photography journey, you’re in the right place. The presets you see in my shop are not the first I’ve ever developed nor sold, but rather, the end result of years of experimenting and improving. To make them the absolute most versatile and heartfelt colors available.

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