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Most Unbelievable Wedding I Ever Shot

For something that occurred, I think, in the summer of 2015… my memory of the event shouldn’t be this vivid… Then again, it’s not everyday that a wedding photographer gets caught up in the story I’m about to tell. But I assure you, the following account is 100% true.

Basically, the day of the wedding started like any other, and I awoke in the morning, anxious to check the weather. To my relief, it was a beautiful sunny day, albeit a little windy, but nothing I couldn’t work with. So off I went with all my gear packed into the car, and headed to the wharf, where myself, the guests, and the groom plus all his groomsmen were waiting to board a large ocean ferry that would soon depart for the island location where the wedding would take place later that afternoon.

The boat ride lasted approximately one hour, during which I was not the only one who noticed that the groom was beginning to look a bit pale. My guess was that the choppy conditions weren’t doing him any favors as far as settling his nerves. After a quick chat with one of his groomsmen, I then found out that the poor guy wasn’t able to keep down any breakfast that morning; and so was not only running on an empty stomach, but was REALLY nervous about the entire day.

Nevertheless, we soon docked without any major problems, following which we took a leisurely stroll to a wonderfully decorated ceremony area, right on the sand, bordered by swaying palms. Shortly thereafter, the bride then appeared with her bridesmaids, and the wedding was underway… or so I thought.

You see, over the course of the next forty minutes, the ceremony was interrupted by multiple stoppages – due to the groom’s unfortunate need to go behind the bushes and… well, puke.

I remember the videographer and I exchanging glances, thinking, ‘should we be capturing this?’ before making sound decisions not to. After all, who would want to look back on their wedding day and remember scenes such as the ones we were witnessing?

Anyway, the brave groom returned time and time again, and eventually made it through the ceremony. Only now, it was time for the location shoot. The wedding coordinator had originally planned to take us on a jeep ride to a secluded part of the island with an amazing sunset. But, you guessed it. No chance. All I had from the improvised shoot, which ended up just occurring nearby, were singles of the bride, some with her bridesmaids, some together with the groomsmen, but no groom. A one of a kind shoot for sure.

Following that, it was onto the reception – where the teary bride had no one next to her at the head table… for the groom was taking respite in a nearby room to try to sleep off the effects of the medication he had taken. After a few hours, I think he then left the island on a private boat, and was hospitalized.

The good news is that a few days later, he was absolutely fine.

The newly weds subsequently left for their honeymoon without a hitch; and two months later, I gave them a bonus shoot, as I felt it just wasn’t right that the bride and groom couldn’t get any photos together on their wedding day!

So despite all that happened, at least their ending was a happy one! Needless to say, this couple will remain forever anonymous, but their day will no doubt, in my mind, be one that I will always remember, when asked about the most awkward wedding I’ve ever shot!

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