Wedding Lightroom Presets + Camera Raw Presets

Not All Presets Are Made Equal

When a quick Google Search for ‘Wedding Lightroom Presets’ yields more than 11 million results, you know there’s bound to be a few duds out there. Ok, maybe more than a few. Because the reality is there aren’t anywhere close to that number of winning photographers in the world. And if you think about, aren’t they the only ones you should be trusting when it comes to your editing workflow?

Hello, I’m Andrew. Founder of Andrew Sun Photography (Qld, AUS) and Andrew Sun Color. Shooter of 200+ weddings with an extensive portfolio to back it up. And I’m here to teach you how to not get swindled by dodgy preset sellers, who in recent years, seem to have come out in droves.

#1 – Where did you find the presets?

By this, I don’t mean how you came across them. Could be Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or good old reliable Google, it doesn’t really matter. What I mean is: what sort of online shop is it? A secure page on an individual photographer’s website or a generic platform? Like Etsy for example. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Etsy’s great for items such as handcrafts etc. but if you’re looking for something as niche as Lightroom / Camera Raw Presets for Wedding Photography, why would you want to buy them from someone who needs to rely on a platform? In other words, someone whose website clearly has no traction, or worse yet, doesn’t have one at all. Which brings me to my next point.

#2 – Who made the presets?

Is this person a recognized photographer with an established web presence and glowing reviews? Or are they, again, just a username in a random online marketplace; because dare I say it, they’ve not shot a single wedding photo their entire life, and need to resort to using stock images from other photographers to sell their so-called ‘awesome’ presets. I mean, I know it sounds harsh, but it hurts when I see my own work being used without permission in this way. The people in the photos are my clients, friends, people who’ve trusted me and only me to share their photos with the world.

#3 – How many presets are they selling?

This might seem like a strange question, but here’s the low-down. It took me over 6 years to fully develop My 8 Signature Presets, each a unique aesthetic that’s been tested on countless client collections and camera models. Followed then by another several months to create multipurpose Mobile Lightroom Presets. So the fact that some of these platform sellers are advertising presets by the thousands is astounding. A point of special concern is that a number of them even use the same stock images as each other. Yeah, not dubious at all.

So the next time, before you send over precious funds to a self-proclaimed preset expert, hang back just a tad. Really check them out, and question why they’re willing to sell you 200 odd presets + 68 actions + 47 brushes you’ll never use for a mere price of $3.99. I promise you, it won’t be difficult to see they’re not legit.

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