Post Wedding Delivery Guide


An often underestimated aspect of wedding photography, a strong delivery game can confer benefits both in the now as well as many years down the track. Reputation is everything to a photographer. So if your goal is to build a flourishing brand over the course of a long and fulfilling career, grab a hot drink, find a couch, and nestle into this final Post Wedding Delivery Guide.

Contents include – How to determine which photos should be included in the collection, how to best order them in a way that tells a seamless story, effective methods of presentation, what I think about ‘sneak peeks’, and how to elicit glowing reviews from your couple after all is said and done.

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Post Wedding Delivery GuidePost Wedding Delivery Guide

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1 – Rationale
Understanding the importance of perception.

2 – Cut to impress
Sometimes less really is more.

3 – Tell a Story
Is chronological always the most logical?

4 – Wow with Presentation
Strategic placement of photos, features of great online galleries, and Color vs B&W.

5 – Sneak Peeks
This is going to be a funny read.

6 – How to get Awesome Reviews
An opportunity to cash in your clout.