Post Wedding Delivery Guide


Reputation is everything to a photographer.

This Post Wedding Delivery Guide will show you how to build not only a flourishing photography brand but one with longevity as well. The secret lies in crafting the perfect image set for delivery to your clients after you’ve successfully captured their day.

Contents includeHow to determine which photos should be included in the collection, how to best order them in a way that tells a seamless story, effective methods of presentation, what I think about ‘sneak peeks’, and how to elicit glowing reviews from your couple after all is said and done.

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Tell Their Story Like Only You Can

Is there a good and bad way to deliver wedding photos? You bet. Find out how I cut, color-grade, and structure my collection for optimum client feedback.

Chapters ↓

Understand the importance of perception.

Cut To Impress
Sometimes less really is more.

Tell A Story
Is chronological always the most logical?

Wow With Presentation
Strategic placement of photos, features of great online galleries, and Color vs B&W.

Sneak Peeks
This is going to be a funny read.

How To Get Awesome Reviews
An opportunity to cash in your clout.