Pre Wedding Email Guide


Stop getting ghosted and start booking! This is the Pre Wedding Email Guide I wish I had in my early days as a photographer. Packed with real advice about things that worked, things that didn’t, the reasons why, and how I changed my email approach to significantly improve both my enquiry volume and closing rate.

Contents include – How to target the right type of clients with your website. Followed by tips on creating an inviting contact form and deciding whether or not you guys are a good fit. How to then craft your initial response to be super engaging. And finally, some example email templates to get you going.

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Pre Wedding Email GuidePre Wedding Email Guide

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1 – Intro
Explains how I came up with the guide after years of evolving my business.

2 – Attract the Peeps
Communication doesn’t start with an enquiry. It begins way before that.

3 – Contact Form
Yeah, this is a big one. Because most standard forms suck. Make sure yours doesn’t!

4 – Take or Shake
You don’t have to keep every fish you catch. Be smart. Know how to spot the good ones.

5 – First Response & Beyond
No more getting ghosted by clients you want. Learn to balance being professional and down-to-earth.

6 – Helpful Templates
A) Let’s do this thing! B) Oh no, I’m booked! C) Really sorry, but…