Pre Wedding Email Guide


Stop getting ghosted and start booking.

This is the Pre Wedding Email Guide I wish I had in my early days as a photographer. Packed with real advice about things that worked, things that didn’t, the reasons why, and how I changed my email approach to significantly improve both my enquiry volume and closing rate.

Contents include – How to target the right type of clients with your website. Followed by tips on creating an inviting contact form and deciding whether or not you guys are a good fit. How to then craft your initial response to be super engaging. And finally, some example email templates to get you going.

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Pre Wedding Email Guide For Photographers

The Art of Being Personable

Feel stuck answering emails? Want to convert your leads to real clients? This empowering guide will teach you just that and more.

Pre Wedding Email Guide For Photographers

Chapters ↓

Explains how I came up with the guide after years of evolving my business.

Attract The Peeps
Communication doesn’t start with an enquiry. It begins way before that.

Contact Form
Yeah, this is a big one. Because most standard forms suck. Make sure yours doesn’t!

Take Or Shake
You don’t have to keep every fish you catch. Be smart. Know how to spot the good ones.

First Response & Beyond
Say goodbye to getting ghosted forever. Balance being professional and down-to-earth.

Helpful Templates
A) Let’s do this thing! B) Oh no, I’m booked! C) Really sorry, but…