Wedding Day Shoot Guide


My most comprehensive e-book to date, the Wedding Day Shoot Guide offers a bare all, step by step look at the things you need to focus on as a wedding photographer on your couple’s biggest day. From how to mentally prepare yourself to how to say goodbye, I cover just about every scenario I’ve encountered in my 10yrs of shooting (200+ weddings).

Contents include – Learning how to go with the flow and adapt to situations, icebreaking techniques, being assertive without being bossy, and the misleading myth that good photographers don’t need to ‘pose their subjects.’ Yup, time to put that argument to rest once and for all.

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Wedding Day Shoot GuideWedding Day Shoot Guide

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1 – Preface
Shares my reasons for writing the guide + a little of my backstory.

2 – Do Your Homework
Checklists, where would we be without them? Talks about gear maintenance, knowing the schedule, and anticipating problems.

3 – Bridal Prep
Make a lit entry, you’re practically fam! Be skilfully attentive to detail without being a creep.

4 – Ceremony
Positions positions. You’ve got one shot. Don’t miss it!

5 – The Shoot
Let’s bust that posing myth. Surely you’re there to do more than just press the shutter.

6 – Reception
Capture the vibe, enjoy the atmosphere, and discover the importance of a great ending photo.