Wedding Lightroom Presets + Camera Raw Presets

Why Good Wedding Photographers Cost More

Before we start addressing this notion, I’d like to ask you to do something:

Picture for me the best wedding photo you’ve ever seen. Got it? Okay. Now compare it with the worst. Big difference right? I mean of course; but let’s take a closer look. What ‘exactly’ is different about the images? Now you’re starting to see specifics: Colors, Composition, Lighting, Expressions etc. And right there, is the answer to the question.

Good Wedding Photographers Cost More โ€“ because they deserve it.

Not only does their combination of talent and experience, enable them to position the newly weds within the frame at naturally more flattering angles, their post production work is far superior โ€“ netting them an entirely better end result. In fact, some cheap photographers go as far as not editing their images at all after the initial capture (apart from maybe just some standard brightening by dragging the exposure up). It’s no surprise therefore, that even despite their low prices, their gigs are few and far between.

You see, editing is vital. And good photographers understand this.

That’s why they will spend hours upon days carefully going through their client’s collection, in order to perfect each shot as they go. That’s why they will craft either their own, or invest in the purchase of a pristine color preset to use, in order that their photos might have a lovely professional consistency about them โ€“ their own signature palette if you like. And that’s why, even though lesser photographers are always frustratingly trying to copy everything about them: from their well-written website text to the very concepts of poses they’ve innovated in their photos, they know their final product can never be stolen due to the amount of work that goes into it.

So why, you ask, do good wedding photographers cost more?

It’s simple. Because they’re worth more.

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