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Why There Are So Many Average Wedding Photographers

1.4 trillion. That’s how many photos were apparently taken in 2018. Another record year. And with it, a fresh batch of greenhorns who have jumped on the bandwagon and started calling themselves ‘professional wedding photographers.’


It’s all too easy isn’t it?

Get on Instagram, announce your snazzy new website to the world, and watch the enquiries flow! Never mind that the only moving subject you’ve ever photographed is your cousin’s doggo, and that 90% of the nice pics on your feed are reposts from other pages. Your talent is legit and you are ready to charge for it ๐Ÿ‘Œ. Excuse the sarcasm, but sadly, that’s what a lot of people more or less believe about starting a photography business these days. They don’t love interaction with people, editing into the wee hours in order to perfect a shot, and the immense amount of trial and error it takes to actually become good enough to earn the professional title.

So why do they do it? And more specifically, go after the wedding market?

#1 โ€“ They think it’s easy money

With no must-have qualifications to offer wedding photography as a service, the cost of entry is essentially just gear. And with the advancement of digital camera tech, it’s never been more affordable to get your hands on industry-standard equipment, including a powerful work station. They also believe that because it’s someone’s wedding, clients are willing to spend more โ€“ seeing as it’s supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

#2 โ€“ They just want clout

Or in other words, they want their friends to think they’re some sort of creative go-getter. An artist / entrepreneur. Basically, a cool kid. #Bossman #Bossbabe #EventhoughImstilllivingwithmyparents ๐Ÿ˜“

#3 โ€“ It’s simple to fake

Unlike such things as professional sport, photography is far more subjective. So they can argue the fact that their work is ‘good’ even though it really is crap. And since you aren’t as into photography as they are, what do you know anyway?

It’s no wonder that average wedding photographers are therefore sprouting up everywhere… but only at the detriment of the photographer community in general due to the injection of their so-called ‘professional’ images. Exactly the sort of material that mainstream media like to get their hands on for a funny story. So please, if you’re going to get into photography, do it for the right reasons. To learn, to love the process, and to make those who eventually hire you, if you do make it as a pro one day, feel fortunate that you were the one they chose for their wedding.

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